Iblog9 is the 9th blogging summit held at UP Diliman Campus on May 31 and June 1, 2013. I am really gratified being a part of this spectacular blogging summit I’ve known since last year. This is my second time by the way to attend this event. Though I am not yet that savvy into blogging, and not yet known to be a blog guru, (Hmmm… :D) In short, I have nothing much to brag about yet compared to those who really are blogging for 3 to 10 years or more! Nonetheless, I believe in what they say that, you will never run out of passion as long as you love what you are doing. And those people whom I’ve seen with diverse and brilliant perspectives towards blogging really inspired me a lot to continue whatever I have started.


At Day 1 (May 31), Since I just came home from work at around 5:00 am, It was really a challenge for me to just take a nap for less than an hour or so since I need to travel from Makati to UP Diliman and thank God, I wasn’t late! At the registration, I was just totally shocked that my friend’s blog page was the ones printed out on my ID instead of mine, I got curious about it haha! But never mine, at least I was registered to be one of the participants.

At day 1 I met Patty, a former UP student who served as my tour guide within the UP Campus.
At day 1 I met Patty, a former UP student who served as my tour guide within the UP Campus.

It really pretty amazing that foreign people would also want to see this event and it’s really nice seeing them. At day 2, I met Shelly Guyton from San Franciso California who is a researcher/blogger. I also saw Jennifer Sevilla, the former sexy actress and for you to know, she is also a blogger, unfortunately I was not able to take a photo of her before she left. 😀

Shelley Guyton, a scholar from San Franciso CA.
Shelley Guyton, a scholar from San Franciso CA.

The discussion started by a gold fish addict named Ben Francia who tacled about “Blogging as an effective content” where I learned that being remarkable is one of the best way for your blog to stand out. And we need to also focus on the content that we wanted to share and as passion will sustain, it will just turn to opportunities. Ms Janeth Toral also discussed how your blog would stand out and I was challenged on her ending question, “Now that iblog is almost a decade now, did you also evolve?” A question that really captured my attention, to somehow think and figure out if there was really an evolution of my blog page for it’s couple of years of existence. This really challenged me a lot! Hell yeah!


To top it all, the entire summit was fun and never got tired listening to to those speakers and the questions being asked after each discussions. I really learned a lot! Both days ended with raffle draws, and at day 1, I was lucky to get a white Iblog shirt. To top it all, the event was fun and meeting those people whom I’ve learned a lot is really priceless. See you all again on Iblog10! Cheers!



After Got Talent was aired 31st of March and everyone witnessed Maverick not making it to the top 36, his supporters got upset and sounded so broken, the way I noticed it on their posts on his Facebook Fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Etwisters), I myself felt like I won’t see him again, never! 😦 While everyone was so woeful about PGT, our idol Maverick, on the other hand was just so calmly chilling spending time unwinding at Star City but was  able to manage taping a video for everyone expressing his heartwarming  thanks giving, with all his smiles, (featuring Akamaru: His ninja dog LOL) So then again, our dance floor sweet heart brightened up our day through this video. Please see:

Photo credits to: https://www.facebook.com/TFCEurope?fref=ts

Nevertheless, when PGT was aired on March 16, a lot was astounded on the performance that he did as he mixed a gay-like dance on his dance steps when everyone thought of him as a gay. I wanted to slap those people on their faces! Just kidding though, Haha! 😀 I would like to thank you all because for me it is a commendation as he was able to fake all of you! 😀 He is not a gay and will never transform to a gay! LOL I know for a  fact that he will be a terrific star someday, a bright shining star whom we will be looking up to, When everyone was mesmerized when he was performing, is a good sign, that he will indeed do mighty things to win his glorious triumphs somehow, someday. Please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7TsVgU9fBQ
So now here is my own story, after I was so fascinated on those candid feed backs from his followers, I thought of a set of questions and challenged him to answer it in our language as he needs to speak in Talagalog once he enters show business. I just sent this through chat as his schedule is so hard for me to rob some of it haha! Here is how he answered all my questions, verbatim: straight forward and precised.

How does it feel to be the most desirable man on the earth?
-Hindi ko po alam, ask him! Haha
Name one actor/actress you would love to get naughty with?
– I don’t want to be naughty with no one XD
Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?
– Opo! It’s so funny kasi!
What’s your favorite place to hang out?
– Every Mall haha!
What is your favorite daily wear attire?
– My Jordan Shoes!
If I come to your house and looked inside the closet, what would I find?
– Clothes, accessories, shoes.
Tell us something about your most recent activities, Bacao Festival, was it fun?
– Yes, was funny, I performed on a free concert and also Judge & Perform on Mutya ng Echague.
Thanks to Katrina Kiat!
How fun is it here in the Philippines so far?
– Well, I just need to say that : It’s more fun in the Philippines!
How would you like your fans look at you?
– With their real eyes, because some fans are blinded and they start to spread bad rumors
What do you think would people hate about you?
– I don’t know and I don’t mind!
What was your happiest experience here in the Philippines so far since you arrived?
– The TFCKat Journey and Star City!!

With Cris Bernardo of TFCKAT Dubai and Joy of TFCKAT HongkongPhoto credits to:https://www.facebook.com/TFCEurope?fref=ts
With Cris Bernardo of TFCKAT Dubai and Joy of TFCKAT Hongkong
Photo credits to:https://www.facebook.com/TFCEurope?fref=ts

See, he even had time to answer those questions despite his hectic schedule as he still have other activities and guestings after his time on PGT, terrific! Hence, what I am trying to express here is, even if he did not make it on PGT, I am still confident that he will make it in the show business industry, that was just his first TV appearance but obviously he was loved by his fans tremendously as I’ve seen some posts on his page that they wouldn’t be watching PGT anymore as Maverick was already out. And just look at his fan page on FB, people liking it is unstoppable! Extremely overwhelming indeed! I myself (acting as his Social Networking Assistant) was so captivated about those heart warming feed backs towards him. We really appreciated those feedback giving Maverick more confidence to make it to the top as he starts his career, as his humility towards people and his persistence is a plus in the long run. Like what Calvin Coolidge said, Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Very inspiring quote indeed!

A screen shot of him when Ai Ai de las Alas (PGT host) was flirting with him haha!
A screen shot of him when Ai Ai de las Alas (PGT host) was flirting with him haha!

Please watch out on Maverick’s dancing videos though his 365 days training via his Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Etwisters More likes for those who haven’t please! Let us all support him on his journey as he will all make us proud E-Twisters! To Maverick, we will all support you all the way and will patronize you till the end. Louie, your talent manager, your family and close friends, your fans and I will always be here for you on your ups and downs. Remain humble and sweet as you are!


Nice meeting Maverick at Glorietta. :)
Nice meeting Maverick at Glorietta. 🙂

It was a wish come true to see Maverick, a good looking and talented young man all the way from Barcelona Spain despite his busy schedules meeting a lot of huge people in the show business, (Feeling like robbing his precious time for VIP’s in ABS-CBN network 😀


Maverick Silang Gomez was the 1st grand winner of TKCKAT Europe, among 15 contenders from France, United Kingdom, Spain and Italy held in September 2012, Acropolis South France. It was just another bonus for him to be brought here in the Philippines to compete in Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4, atop of his prize.Maverick, who’s mom was raised in Occidental Mindoro and who worked as Ama de Casa in Barcelona Spain– ladies who takes care of Royal families big houses has been there working for decades now.Born March 8, 1993, Maverick has started his dancing potential to be seen as early as about 7 years old, he started being an an urban dancer from the streets of Barcelona influenced  by the rhythms and techniques of funk and hip-hop music.


He has a group then which was called Krump of Barna 18th street.He was also inspired by another dancing tandem Les Twins,identical twin brothers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois (born December 6, 1988) are French dancers, choreographers, and models who are known to be dancers and choreographers in France. His first exposure to public was when his manager, Louie Simbe thought of inviting him on Timpuyog ti Ilocano’s PASIKATAN, a Barcelona wide talent competition organized by the said group in Barcelona Spain where he won the grand prize. (Louie by the way is a friend of mine who is from Echague Isabela, in Cagayan Valley where my home town is.) That was when Filipinos in Spain started to be fanatic of Maverick.


Maverick, who has a stage name E-Twist (Earnest Twist) is really having an impressive dance moves with his body twisting and bending where ladies would really shout for joy watching him with love invading the dance floor. I haven’t seen him performing live though but I just watched some of his you tube videos, Please see this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9FbjBzcmjE
and also:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwZgAWoGlwI    and: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkAKKwinoKA&list=UUuu-xS8aIBpn7IcVpODyAbg

Maverick’s proud mom Tita Elizabeth 🙂

At first glance, I already felt that he’s a down to earth person and really such an impressive man, from inside and out. He grew up in Spain so apparently we won’t be expecting him to speak in Tagalog that good, he speak a little but he really loves our language which is why he even bought a booklet with an English- Filipino translation on it just for him to learn bit by bit Filipino. I even burst to laughfter when I saw that it was a booklet for nursery kids lol 😀 His mom, Tita Elizabeth is also a lady who has a kind heart and you can feel how warm she is at our first meeting. 🙂


I would like to thank my friend Karen Joy Salvador who was also an angel to me who made a way for me to meet Maverick and his manager Louie. It was nice meeting Tita Elizabeth too! Let’s just watch out for Maverick’s next battles on Pilippine TV and expect that he will be loved by his fans as he has a humble heart who would love to just entertain people. He would love his fans to be called as E-Twisters, and I myself is proud to be an E-Twister! I am also inviting you to please like his page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Etwisters

Please keep liking! Maverick says thanks all for the support! 🙂


FAREWELL 2012, HELLO 2013!

Was able to catch a glimpse a fireworks display at Ayala Ave. earlier while on my way home.

First I would like to say happy 2013 everyone after a while when I just missed my family in the province. I just thought of summarizing everything what happened in 2012. What a year it was to trace back 2012. This is the year when I’ve known a lot of people from the blogging world. It was when I created my first ever blog, joined fun run in Aparri Cagayan, first time to join  the Iblog, and of course a new journey to my career.

My CVBSi family with sir Kel Fabie ;)
My CVBSi family with sir Kel Fabie on iblog 8, May 25 and 26 😉
May 12 Aparri fun run, it was nice meeting new people around there. 🙂

I found the best company where I suppose I mean to really stay for the longest period of time. As a new-born blogger  I wish 2013 will be more productive for me.Though I am thinking of growing old again in another year and imagining myself into a relationship. 😀 I won’t be too dramatic staying  single for another year again though. It isn’t bad at all to stay single anyway 😀 I have yet to accomplish some things scribbled set as my priorities and I am a hundred percent sure that  2013 will be more abundantly blessed with more opportunities and a lot of things are bound to happen this year. Hope to start a  happy and fruitful 2013 for all of us and I am too excited for all the plans this year. 🙂

Q.A ko
An email spam from my boss lol. Having this kind of good Quality scores at the start of my career is a good sign this coming year. Help me oh Lord! 🙂

I  started my career with flying colors. I must be proud of this since I am just a newbie entering this field. FYI, I entered Accenture as a Collections Advisor on July 31 and was certified in September. I need to hit my goal for what ever it may be, we’ll see.  I wish to also travel where I wanted to this year. Nothing is solid this time but I wish to really have everything accomplished and I really am too focused on my priorities since I am not getting any younger. Thanks to my family for all the support and inspiration. This is all for you. It was also nice meeting new friends at Accenture, I love you all for being too nice to me, one of the reasons that I am happy at work with you all.

accenture paint
It was nice meeting new friends to work and laugh with. It’s fun to be with Accenture! 🙂
ryan accent
Nice meeting my gorgeous Accenture friends 🙂 Whom do you think the shy type Ryan Bardahi is? 😀 lol peace Ryan!

Of course there’s nothing more I could wish for other than good health for everyone of us. Again happy new year everyone and let’s start this year right! 🙂 Whatever comes this year, it’s all in God’s grace. Thank you LORD for all the blessings. 🙂




The origin of Christmas differs as the precise date of the birth and historicity of Jesus are much debated. Christmas, literally meaning the Mass of Christ, is a traditional holiday in the Christian calendar. The festival of Christmas takes place on the 25th of December, every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is also celebrated as a secular holiday throughout the world, including countries with small Christian populations. Setting this aside, For me,Christmas is a celebration of thanksgiving, peace and loving everyone.What comes in my mind if I hear this word is something relevant about family to Jesus Christ relationship. When I was young, I would normally think Jesus is alive on Christmas days. But as I grow older, its beyond what is set on my mind. Now I would think Jesus is alive everyday to the extent that in my perspective, he is a phantom that is seemingly a stoker to me. What I meant for this is, in every smile that I see on earth is a sign of him existing on us. Thus, it is most excellent to think that anyhow we  are all blessed if we can afford to smile and that one thing for sure is he loves us.During Christmas season, my family would always gather to celebrate,  enjoy sharing gifts and feasting. It reminds me of the cool breeze of the air specially early in the morning when we go to church to attend misa de gallo.

While watching the lights at Ayala triangle, I felt so sad away from family 😦

Unfortunately, this was  the habit when I was still in school and in my childhood days, sad to say when I started working in 2007, it all just dissipated and remained a dream hating my busy days at work. Notwithstanding this kind of situation, I do little things like visiting the church and saying a little prayer to God almighty that somehow he would take care of my family while I’m away,  that he’d make ’em happy and that everyone is healthy this Christmas days.Poignant as it may seem, however,  I don’t really have an alternate option and this is my only choice, to work away from home and to earn money more than anyone else in the province is earning (as an employee), to help my siblings (abit) sacrificing this kind of sacramental occasions.In as much as I hate to admit, I felt sorry for myself. I sound valuing things that is never good enough for our necessities, yes, and it looks like this does not really matter to me  anymore because of my work. Do not be misled, I would love to work but spending quality time with my family is priceless.

credit to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Electric_Parol.png
for the nice electric parol 🙂

Now I’m certain that my family seemed very high on my list of priorities, to say at least and I love them challenging me to be my best. And its nice to think that I’m one of the most important individuals for them. Apparently, I’m telling you this ‘coz my wish this holiday season is to be with them, and that will be an awesome gift for me! My sole purpose why I wrote this is to let everyone know that whatever my wish is, granted or not, it is still wise to think that we are all blessed because we are all children of God and he created us equally with love and affection. He bless us in his own ways. Then again, shouldn’t every day be Christmas Day? This is my family’s message to yours. Let us all have a Merry Christmas and a bountiful gorgeous New years to come.God loves us!


As a call center agent, some say that my life span will only last up to 50 to 55 years? That is pretty alarming isn’t it? But It’s not yet too late for me to do something for a jump-start of my healthy living. Yes, all the kind of jobs has a health risk practically speaking (I guess). The only thing here is, as to how an individual motivates himself/herself on a health conscious thinking style. How can I be so sure that I am choosing a healthy lifestyle? I thank GOD I found We Choose Wellness Weekend (WCW Weekend) which was sponsored by Nestle Philippines aiming to drive Filipinos towards a healthy living.

Registration 🙂

Every scheduled sessions, you will enjoy some sort of basic aerobics suitable for all ages, and also, nutritionists visit us once a month giving us some tips on how to be healthy. This has been going on since June, and according to one of the staffs whom I spoke with, this will also end on June of 2013. Why don’t we just grab this opportunity so we can be trained to discipline ourselves despite our busy days at work? Soon enough I can feel the satisfaction of eating anything whatever I crave for without feeling guilty or being deprived. All you need is just visit the locations listed below and register for free so you can have points every time you join the week end sessions. Amazing right? Yes! No fees are being collected!

The following are the lists of the WCW Weekend Sites where you may join:

Saturdays at 5:30 am

1. Bayanan Muntinlupa Baywalk
2. Cultural Center of the Philippines
3. Mandaluyong City Hall
4. Quezon Memorial Circle
5. Ynares Center-Antipolo
6. Ynares Sports Arena-Pasig
7. Cabanatuan Freedom Park
8. Lipa Community park
9. La Paz Plaza Iloilo
10. People’s Park Davao City

Sundays at 5:30 am

1. Ayala triangle, Makati City
2. Marikina Sports Park
3. San Juan Pinaglabana Shrine
4. Taguig City Hall, Taguig City
5. University of the Philippines Diliman
6. Calamba Baywalk
7. Baguio Burnham Park
8. Bren Z. Guiao Convention and Sports Complex, Pampanga
9. Dagupan City Plaza
10. New Talisay City Hall, Cebu City
11. Gov. Pelaez Sports Complex, CDO

My housemates Ate Jen and Ate Alva during our registration. 🙂
Ate Alva who tries to catch up on the photos I’m taking 😀

Using your Wellness Passport, you’ll keep track of you healthy choices and achieve all your wellness goals. And wait, there’s more! Every time you visit WCW weekeends, you will also earn points which are redeemable for amazing prices. Everyone wants to be healthy but unfortunately, being healthy is something that we need to work for, to simply enjoy the life that God has given us. For more details, please see http://ww1.nestle.com.ph/wellness/
See you there!


Makati City Metro Manila is known to be the Central business district where most decent professionals work wearing corporate attires rushing with the rhythm of the traffic jam. You’ll find the tallest buildings or towers and most likely you would also spot the building(s) where I worked as call center associate for over 2 years now. 😀 Ayala avenue of Makati is the busiest street I’ve known so far since this is where all public vehicles including jeepneys, buses or cabs pass by heading EDSA. I observed that  most people here are disciplined. This is the place that I appreciated most. Cases of snatching and stealing is very rare in this area, which is why my parents would still prefer me to work here considering that opportunities here are just around the corner. The busy streets makes me think of how busy people are towards career. Every individual are really rushing for work which signifies success for professionals driven to make it to the top.

Overview of Ayala Avenue from the 4th floor of Metrobank Card Anz Ayala.

Ayala Avenue was named after the Zóbel de Ayala clan. They have created the Ayala corporation, a holding company who pioneered Philippine real estate development, banking and insurance. Ayalas control the businesses such as the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Ayala Land Inc., the Manila Water Company, and Globe Telecom, one of the largest mobile phone networks in the Philippines. Ayala has also played a big part in the development of the large areas of Makati City into residential subdivisions between  1940s and 1960s. These subdivisions include Forbes Park, Dasmariñas Village, Bel-Air Village, San Lorenzo Village, Urdaneta Village, San Antonio Village, and Magallanes Village. They also developed Ayala Avenue, Makati Avenue, Paseo de Roxas & Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue which now comprises of the horizon of the Makati Area.

Ayala Avenue.

PBCOM Tower is known to be the tallest building in the entire Philippines soaring at 52 storeys high and an 8-level radio tower. It’s peerless architecture and prime location at the very vein of Makati City is every global business man’s dream which opens new door for success of every professionals driving it to the top. PBCOM Tower is prominent and redefined which is a portrait of a great distinction of premium value among other towers here in Manila. Furthermore, it shares a history derived from the Philippine Bank of Communications, which holds a 6 decade-long reputation of the time-tested strength, stability and innovation.

PBCom Tower at it’s highest.

Glorieta Malls was used to be a park which has refreshing space to sit and rest in between bar, restaurants and cinemas around the perimeter. It is known that QUAD is the only big building near Glorieta untill in 1990’s, Ayala Land Corporation decided to renovate QUAD and Glorietta park untill from time to time Glorieta 1 to 4 was built. Glorieta 5 was built separately accross Rustan’s and the Manila Intercon.

Glorieta 4 at night.

Glorieta Malls was used to be a park which has refreshing space to sit and rest in between bar, restaurants and cinemas around the perimeter. It is known that QUAD is the only big building near Glorieta untill in 1990’s, Ayala Land Corporation decided to renovate QUAD and Glorietta park untill from time to time Glorieta 1 to 4 was built. Glorieta 5 was built separately accross Rustan’s and the Manila Intercon.

Yuchengco museum.

Yuchengco museum was named after Ambassador Alfonso T. Yuchengco highlighting his contribution in fostering arts in terms of international, cultural, or design exhibits and programs. Located in Makati besides RCBC PLaza in Ayala Makati, was developed for public back in September of 2005 caters not only arts but also for education purposes.

Makati Medical Center.

Makati Medical Center started their operations back in May 31, 1961 when the Ayala conglomerate was still implementing their initial plans of transforming Makati City into a premier business district. Makati Medical Center is the leading healthcare facility in the Philippines, which provides satisfaction to their clients aiming to provide quality services exceeding beyond expectations. This hospital is where prominent public figures choose to be hospitalized because of their satisfactory service. One example is the comedy king Dolphy who stayed here for  medication for over a month until he waved good-bye to the world.

Ninoy Aquino Shrine along the corner of Paseo de Roxas and Makati Avenue.
The attractive Peninsula Hotel fountain.


Peninsula has been operating for over 30 decades now having been the forefront of Manila’s five-star luxury accommodations. One of the most admired hotels in Makati city, it’s being patronized by business travelers all over the world

Nevertheless, I am not saying that I have to stop appreciating from here. I have a lot more to say and I am writing about  this as a preliminary task for my blog. By just seeing Makati alone, I suppose Philippines is a progressive country. Sad to say, we are still struggling as a third world country. As a Filipino, I wish something has to change and I wish to contribute out of it. But how do you think can I do that?