The origin of Christmas differs as the precise date of the birth and historicity of Jesus are much debated. Christmas, literally meaning the Mass of Christ, is a traditional holiday in the Christian calendar. The festival of Christmas takes place on the 25th of December, every year to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is also celebrated as a secular holiday throughout the world, including countries with small Christian populations. Setting this aside, For me,Christmas is a celebration of thanksgiving, peace and loving everyone.What comes in my mind if I hear this word is something relevant about family to Jesus Christ relationship. When I was young, I would normally think Jesus is alive on Christmas days. But as I grow older, its beyond what is set on my mind. Now I would think Jesus is alive everyday to the extent that in my perspective, he is a phantom that is seemingly a stoker to me. What I meant for this is, in every smile that I see on earth is a sign of him existing on us. Thus, it is most excellent to think that anyhow we  are all blessed if we can afford to smile and that one thing for sure is he loves us.During Christmas season, my family would always gather to celebrate,  enjoy sharing gifts and feasting. It reminds me of the cool breeze of the air specially early in the morning when we go to church to attend misa de gallo.

While watching the lights at Ayala triangle, I felt so sad away from family 😦

Unfortunately, this was  the habit when I was still in school and in my childhood days, sad to say when I started working in 2007, it all just dissipated and remained a dream hating my busy days at work. Notwithstanding this kind of situation, I do little things like visiting the church and saying a little prayer to God almighty that somehow he would take care of my family while I’m away,  that he’d make ’em happy and that everyone is healthy this Christmas days.Poignant as it may seem, however,  I don’t really have an alternate option and this is my only choice, to work away from home and to earn money more than anyone else in the province is earning (as an employee), to help my siblings (abit) sacrificing this kind of sacramental occasions.In as much as I hate to admit, I felt sorry for myself. I sound valuing things that is never good enough for our necessities, yes, and it looks like this does not really matter to me  anymore because of my work. Do not be misled, I would love to work but spending quality time with my family is priceless.

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for the nice electric parol 🙂

Now I’m certain that my family seemed very high on my list of priorities, to say at least and I love them challenging me to be my best. And its nice to think that I’m one of the most important individuals for them. Apparently, I’m telling you this ‘coz my wish this holiday season is to be with them, and that will be an awesome gift for me! My sole purpose why I wrote this is to let everyone know that whatever my wish is, granted or not, it is still wise to think that we are all blessed because we are all children of God and he created us equally with love and affection. He bless us in his own ways. Then again, shouldn’t every day be Christmas Day? This is my family’s message to yours. Let us all have a Merry Christmas and a bountiful gorgeous New years to come.God loves us!