FAREWELL 2012, HELLO 2013!

Was able to catch a glimpse a fireworks display at Ayala Ave. earlier while on my way home.

First I would like to say happy 2013 everyone after a while when I just missed my family in the province. I just thought of summarizing everything what happened in 2012. What a year it was to trace back 2012. This is the year when I’ve known a lot of people from the blogging world. It was when I created my first ever blog, joined fun run in Aparri Cagayan, first time to join  the Iblog, and of course a new journey to my career.

My CVBSi family with sir Kel Fabie ;)
My CVBSi family with sir Kel Fabie on iblog 8, May 25 and 26 😉
May 12 Aparri fun run, it was nice meeting new people around there. 🙂

I found the best company where I suppose I mean to really stay for the longest period of time. As a new-born blogger  I wish 2013 will be more productive for me.Though I am thinking of growing old again in another year and imagining myself into a relationship. 😀 I won’t be too dramatic staying  single for another year again though. It isn’t bad at all to stay single anyway 😀 I have yet to accomplish some things scribbled set as my priorities and I am a hundred percent sure that  2013 will be more abundantly blessed with more opportunities and a lot of things are bound to happen this year. Hope to start a  happy and fruitful 2013 for all of us and I am too excited for all the plans this year. 🙂

Q.A ko
An email spam from my boss lol. Having this kind of good Quality scores at the start of my career is a good sign this coming year. Help me oh Lord! 🙂

I  started my career with flying colors. I must be proud of this since I am just a newbie entering this field. FYI, I entered Accenture as a Collections Advisor on July 31 and was certified in September. I need to hit my goal for what ever it may be, we’ll see.  I wish to also travel where I wanted to this year. Nothing is solid this time but I wish to really have everything accomplished and I really am too focused on my priorities since I am not getting any younger. Thanks to my family for all the support and inspiration. This is all for you. It was also nice meeting new friends at Accenture, I love you all for being too nice to me, one of the reasons that I am happy at work with you all.

accenture paint
It was nice meeting new friends to work and laugh with. It’s fun to be with Accenture! 🙂
ryan accent
Nice meeting my gorgeous Accenture friends 🙂 Whom do you think the shy type Ryan Bardahi is? 😀 lol peace Ryan!

Of course there’s nothing more I could wish for other than good health for everyone of us. Again happy new year everyone and let’s start this year right! 🙂 Whatever comes this year, it’s all in God’s grace. Thank you LORD for all the blessings. 🙂


Author: Jules Domingo

I love writing and photo shooting. I'm also a diary addict.

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