Do you love exploring underwater? Or something like you would really always crave for underwater adventure but you don’t have plenty of time to manage it? Here’s how you can see wonderful creatures which you’ll get amazed because it’s closer to your fantasy. Close your eyes, imagine you’re wearing some gears including an oxygen tank hanged at your back. Now the photos that I’ll let you view are the ones you’re longing to see ever!

Red lion fish or Pterois volitans is also found in the Indo-Pacific region but has increased its population in the Carribean sea and along the east coast of the United States. Adults can grow up to 43 centimeters and they can live up to 10 years They can also reproduce monthly.

Stone fish or Synanceia is known to be poisonous because of its neurotoxins secreted from the glands in the base of their fins when disturbed. Some swimmers may not notice them because of it being camouflaged into the stones underwater. Once touched, it triggers them to inject an amount of venom proportional to the amount of pressure applied to it.

Blue spotted ray or Kuhl’s stingray is light green in color and has blue spots on it. They eat small fish and small molusk but they are being preyed on by the killer whale or the hammer head shark. This specie can be found in Indonesia to Japan and south to Northern Australia. They can grow up to 18 years.

Striped moray eel has approximately 200 species. The longest specie or the slender giant moray can grow up to 13 feet. Moray eels are cosmopolitan and can be found in tropical and temperate seas though most of its species lives in the warm oceans. Some can also be found in freshwater like the freshwater moray.

Reef Shark or what we call “pating” in the vernacular is also found in the Indo- Pacific including the Philippines. They can grow up to 5.25 feet. Their main food are fish, octopus, spiny lobsters or crabs.

Clownfish are being protected from the sting of the anemone by their mucus. The largest can grow up to 18 centimeters.They normally reside in warm water of the Indian and the Pacific oceans including the red sea and the great barrier reef. Clownfish are omnivorous, since they eat mollusk, algae, plankton or crustacea.

Spotted garden eel or Heteroconger hassi can also be found in Indo-Pacific oceans at depths of between 7 and 45 meters. They grow up to 60 centimeters and the body diameter is up to 14 milimeters. This specie lives on sandy burrows close to corals and reefs.They feed themselves of zooplanktons.


More to explore, but guys our air tank is nearly expiring. Lets get to the surface and take a glimpse on some crocodiles too! Crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles which are found througout the rivers, lakes or wetlands in Africa, Asia, USA and Australia. They feed mostly on fish, reptiles and mammals or sometimes molluscs and crustaceans depending on the species.


Remember we are also considered mammals so I suggest to be cautious when we meet Mr. and Mrs. crocodile! Let’s end it here and I
hope you enjoyed our adventure. 😀