Do you love exploring underwater? Or something like you would really always crave for underwater adventure but you don’t have plenty of time to manage it? Here’s how you can see wonderful creatures which you’ll get amazed because it’s closer to your fantasy. Close your eyes, imagine you’re wearing some gears including an oxygen tank hanged at your back. Now the photos that I’ll let you view are the ones you’re longing to see ever!

Red lion fish or Pterois volitans is also found in the Indo-Pacific region but has increased its population in the Carribean sea and along the east coast of the United States. Adults can grow up to 43 centimeters and they can live up to 10 years They can also reproduce monthly.

Stone fish or Synanceia is known to be poisonous because of its neurotoxins secreted from the glands in the base of their fins when disturbed. Some swimmers may not notice them because of it being camouflaged into the stones underwater. Once touched, it triggers them to inject an amount of venom proportional to the amount of pressure applied to it.

Blue spotted ray or Kuhl’s stingray is light green in color and has blue spots on it. They eat small fish and small molusk but they are being preyed on by the killer whale or the hammer head shark. This specie can be found in Indonesia to Japan and south to Northern Australia. They can grow up to 18 years.

Striped moray eel has approximately 200 species. The longest specie or the slender giant moray can grow up to 13 feet. Moray eels are cosmopolitan and can be found in tropical and temperate seas though most of its species lives in the warm oceans. Some can also be found in freshwater like the freshwater moray.

Reef Shark or what we call “pating” in the vernacular is also found in the Indo- Pacific including the Philippines. They can grow up to 5.25 feet. Their main food are fish, octopus, spiny lobsters or crabs.

Clownfish are being protected from the sting of the anemone by their mucus. The largest can grow up to 18 centimeters.They normally reside in warm water of the Indian and the Pacific oceans including the red sea and the great barrier reef. Clownfish are omnivorous, since they eat mollusk, algae, plankton or crustacea.

Spotted garden eel or Heteroconger hassi can also be found in Indo-Pacific oceans at depths of between 7 and 45 meters. They grow up to 60 centimeters and the body diameter is up to 14 milimeters. This specie lives on sandy burrows close to corals and reefs.They feed themselves of zooplanktons.


More to explore, but guys our air tank is nearly expiring. Lets get to the surface and take a glimpse on some crocodiles too! Crocodiles are large aquatic reptiles which are found througout the rivers, lakes or wetlands in Africa, Asia, USA and Australia. They feed mostly on fish, reptiles and mammals or sometimes molluscs and crustaceans depending on the species.


Remember we are also considered mammals so I suggest to be cautious when we meet Mr. and Mrs. crocodile! Let’s end it here and I
hope you enjoyed our adventure. 😀



From the fun run that we attended to, the next itinerary was at Cagayan Holiday & Leisure Resort known as Sun City at San Vicente, Santa Ana, Cagayan Valley. I didn’t have plans to go there as far as my budget is concern since the place is only affordable to those VIP‘s or high- profile individuals. 😀 Embarrassing! It’s good that someone sponsored our trip going there including the villas where we stayed over night. Thank you Ferdinand Rey!  ( )

For a vacation to relax, Sun City has 112 villas designed with grandiosity full of elegant decorations, fully air conditioned and spacious rooms. Some of the staffs are Chinese so they would let you speak in English instead if you need some assistance. 😀

I did not dwell much on the inner views of the resort but what caught my attention is the breath taking and stunning sceneries outside. Boat riding will be the most wonderful experience that you might probably crave for. Boats are being rented in affordable prices and the usage is in an hourly basis.

Boats for rent in very reasonable prices.

Other than  the beach where you can enjoy boat riding, You may also try the man-made pool good for night swimming with friends.

My friend Chelsea who is a very good swimmer at age 10 enjoys night and day swimming. She’s always on the go! 😀
Chelsea and her mom together. 🙂

Sun city was known to be a resort intended for Chinese visitors but now they’re opening their doors for Filipinos too,less than a year ago. I guess what triggered them to open their doors for Filipinos is when Chinese visitors decreased last year. What a crap if Filipinos will not be allowed to enjoy there when it’s even in our province?! It’s more fun in Cagayan Valley! Enjoy every minute once you go there! 🙂


During  summer time, what comes into our mind is automatically a beach adventure, or probably visiting some resorts near our places. It’s a bit boring if you think of the other way around like staying at home sleeping, or so. Some would also think of outdoor activities or sports like volleyball, badminton or soccer. And again, the best venue for that, is what I’m talking about right now. It has to be in beach. Yes! A beach! 😀

My cousin RJ who was once upon a time, at Nangaramoan beach. 🙂

One of the best experience that I have was when we visited Nangaramoan Beach in Sta Ana Cagayan Valley. There is no  fee at all. If you visit the place, I suggest you’ll be there for a day for you to witness low tide in the morning till late in the afternoon, and high tide at night time. Low tide is perfect for collecting shells whereas for high tide, it will be perfect for swimming. Unfortunately when we went there with my fellow bloggers, it was already late in the afternoon. So what I enjoyed was the food trip session instead. One of the highlights why I went there with them hahaha!  😀

Photographs below  are some shots  late in the afternoon. People would really enjoy volleyball, picking shells and weird species, and some would roam around taking photographs.

I actually witnessed some kids picking up some shells and some species which at first I was so scared to look at but it was pretty amazing when I took photos of it. Those kids were camera shy so they didn’t allow me to take photos of them. Here are some of the species they got. 🙂

One of the most amazing thing about this is the rock formation– huge rocks are being formed everywhere. These guys  really enjoyed walking on the beach while it’s low tide taking photographs and some stuffs.

My mentors in blogging, Kuya Roy and Kuya Diboy. 🙂

And again, like what I’ve said earlier, the highlight of my story. 😀  Drinking and food trip session with my co-bloggers! 😀 We did not take the responsibility to cook our food though. It so happened that Kuya Germain has a friend who resides nearby. Thank you Ate and Kuya who took care of everything for us. 🙂

Kuya Germain is the ones munching the yummy yellow watermelon. 😀

My blogging buddies…I miss you all. 🙂

Plus, before we headed off Sta Ana, we took a glimpse of San Vicente Port or what they call pier. If you look at map of the Philippines, this is the endmost part of the Philippines at the top right wing! Literally!  😀  If you wish to see Palaui Island, Cape Engano, or Anguib beach, those small vessels that you see in the photo is the best transportation for you to get there. Thank you Kuya Germain and Ate Karen for our transportation visiting those wonderful places I’ve seen ever!

A floating restaurant in the pier.

This is the ending of my story. 🙂 For adventurous people, I suggest you try those places. A credit to Aris Pasaraba Aczon and to my cousin Ricky James Babaran Guiyab for  some other photos which satisfied my complete story. Till next time. 🙂 Thank you for visiting my page. For questions, suggestions or comments, don’t hesitate to place it right at the comment field below. 🙂


At first I was so hesitant visiting Sta Praxedes because of its distance from Enrile Cagayan where my residence is. By looking at the map alone, I didn’t realize we passed through nine (9) towns  of approximately 400 kilometers away from my hometown. Amazing! :D I’m glad I have my father who served as my tour guide and supported me all along the way. Thank you dear Tatay. :) We passed through Tuguegarao, Iguig, Amulung, Acala, Gattaran, Allacapan, Pamplona, Sanchez Mira and Claveria sequentially. (FYI, Sta Praxedes is just a 30 minute-drive away from Pagudpud Ilocos where you can also see lovely spots like Blue Lagoon, Kabigan Falls and the like). That was so tiring but I was really eager about the experience that I can probably share with you all once I visited its known PORTABAGA FALLS, one of the two falls famous in town. And I can say this is priceless (I guess). The other falls is called MACATEL FALLS which I would also visit next time, good for rescheduling, too bad. I can’t visit two falls at the same time since I only had limited days for vacation. :( It’s good my second sister migrated in Portabaga, one of the barangays in Sta Praxedes where the falls is, which is pretty much convenient for us since we had a place to stay before heading to my target spot. Portabaga is one of the highest falls in Cagayan Valley about 40 feet high which has three drop off points and  man-made catch-basins intended for swimming developed by the local government.

At the entrance, the roar of the water and the children shouting is already heard while having fun. This is how the entrance looks like. I hope the tarpaulin for the rates is visible. 🙂 There isn’t much art on the falls yet so apparently we just expect to have a simple visual aspects like these, and chances of having low-cost entrance fees too. Cottages are also being rented on affordable prizes. For reservations contact 0927-825-3311 | 0928-206-7162.

Here I  learned some exotic foods too, like “kilawen and adobong pugita”(baby octopus) and “gamet”(dried seaweeds) which are being exported to other countries like China as an ingredient of their favorite menus. Buying fish is also amusing because of it’s inexpensive prices and this is customarily their main dish for meal and believe me, you’ll be fed up (in a good way). I also  saw a watermelon which is one of a kind! It is elongated and and yellow colored. There isn’t much difference on the common red watermelon aside from it being a bit crunchy.

I decided to walk heading towards the falls just to capture some photos I might can publicize to make my visit memorable. There I saw bunches of Anahaw trees growing anywhere along the way, I learned that Agtas (indigenous people) sell it for 2.50 php per leaf in the localities but if they will export it to other provinces, the cost will increase to 4.50 php instead. Anahaw which they call “labig” is used as a roof for houses lasting up to 10 years.

For us who live in the North, It is very relaxing to unwind in places like these breathing the fresh air and listening to the roars of the waterfalls after our tough working days.

Kids just love playing on and around the pool. Climbing on the huge rocks is also fun but it’s a bit scary because some of the parts are really sharp.

My niece Nichi who took almost all the photos for me. 😉

I don’t really have much courage to swim into the pool since I’m not good in swimming, first of , other than the water being too cold. Woaaahhhh!. :D

My niece Kaye 😉

This is my niece KAYE. She just loved playing on the leaking water from the pool. She’s  scared going into the deep kiddie pool haha!  :D The pool on her background has no flooring other than huge rocks.

Man-made pool 🙂


Sta Praxedes Cagayan Valley is about 500 kilometers north of Manila, having a travel time of about 8-10 hours by land via Ilocos. You may either take it via SCTEX too, which is  Roxas bound but it will take you about 16 hours to travel. Buses include GV Florida, Victory liner, Baliwag Transit,  or Dalin liner. All buses mentioned are stationed in Cubao and Sampaloc. Fare rate ranges from 500.00 php to 800.00 php or so, one way. By air, we also have Cebu Pacific or Airphil which would cost you around 2800.00 php one way for only about an hour travel period to Tuguegarao.  The nearest hotel where you can stay is in Claveria Cagayan, just 30 mins drive from Sta Praxedes and vice versa. Traveling by land is interesting for those who  love nature since you would see vast forest lands along the way from Nueva Vizcaya all throughout the province.

Much more to explore in the North. This is my first itinerary so please watch out for my upcoming adventures on the next coming months. These are the things that I want our fellow Cagayanos to be proud of. After all we just need to have a little development for these spots and it will sound like you’ve already reached Pagsanjan Falls of Laguna or Tamaraw Falls of Mindoro perhaps. Great! All we need is to love the art of exploring and sharing whatever we’ve explored. Let me end it here. :)