GIVE TODAY! A Virgin Media’s Charity Journey

I was extremely blissed hearing that Virgin Media had initiated a Charity day to reciprocate selfless giving to our needy fellows. From  the 24th of June until the 5th of July, with the fabulous efforts of the whole LOBs, everyone came together to generate 30,000php from a small 1,800php capital, which was shelled out by the operations team.


From wrapping sandwiches, boiling bananas, bringing some nachos, chips, chocolates, drinks, and preparing food for lunch and putting it on the Sari Sari table on the 21st floor  is such an enormous effort that the operations specially, have shared to come up with this great huge funds. Some teams have also bought some groceries to put on the sari sari table.



Cable collections SMEs also contributed funds to add on the income. This is when I felt that everyone have shared the true spirit of oneness, team work and generosity for a noble deed. Despite the tedious and busy days at work trying to catch up on their log in hours and to also manage their break schedules, everyone is helping one another just to contribute with the funds. What a fun-filled experience it is and a good spirit of team bonding for everyone.


Games was also set in the pantry which includes bowling, Hoola hoop and bowl catch. Myself also got involved in the games. The camaraderie of all teams is overwhelming thinking that everyone does what they can in their own idiosyncratic way to touch lives of the less fortunate people. Our dedication and teamwork was a plus for us to grab an immeasurable joy and fulfillment to make these possible.


Giving without expecting anything in return is what makes you feel more thankful for the blessings you have  from above. It’s emotionally rewarding to help others giving them an instant result to lift their spirits and see how valuable you were for them to change their lives as individuals. Then again, shouldn’t every day be a Charity Day?


Author: Jules Domingo

I love writing and photo shooting. I'm also a diary addict.

One thought on “GIVE TODAY! A Virgin Media’s Charity Journey”

  1. Good post, very nice last line. While charity efforts do look better when it is done by a lot more people, we can be charitable in our own little way every single day. Keep posting Jules! 😀

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