Happy Father’s day everyone! I was just wondering who was an angel who coined FATHER’S DAY to honor our dear beloved fathers. So I did a research. Based on the source at Google, Father’s day sprung up when a loving daughter Sonora Louise Smart Dodd from Spokane Washington  was listening to a mother’s day sermon back in 1909 at her age of 27, when she has been dying to honor his father William Jackson Smart, a Civil War veteran. This campaign became viral in the USA and was eventually approved by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916.

I believe in what they say that a girl’s father is one of the most influential people in her life, from infant to toddler to tween to teen. Being said, as a daughter like Louise, this special day for our Fathers may be one of the perfect moments that I need to show my heartfelt gratitude to my dear Father. Since the day I left home and worked far, (to Baguio then in Manila now), my father did not miss any single moment to remind how to be a grown mature woman I can be. He thought me how to be an incredibly responsible daughter and sister to my siblings specially when often then not, there are tough times that my sisters, who were in college then needed my assistance. I missed the days when he carry me over to his shoulder, If I fall asleep on a sofa,  he will carry me to bed. Fetch me from school with him carrying my school bag packed up with my thick and heavy books, fight and warn those people who are not just small but huge bullies, used to wake me up in the morning by kissing and  scratching his beard on my cheeks.  His reminder then was just a plain ” Oh anak ‘wag kang magpapalipas ng gutom” to a more complex but absurd ones “Anak baka tatanga-tanga ka jan sa Maynila masagasaan ka pa ng truck, mawalan ako ng magandang anak” (Hahahaha!) When it comes to relationship, I  remember one time when he said “Anak, pag 40 (years old) ka na saka ka lang magpapa-crush ha? Pero pwede ka naman tumawad, mga 35 pwede nalang! (LOL)  My father is really a funny type, now I know whom I inherited my personality from. As I am working far (FYI, I am from Cagayan Valley, northern part of the Philippines), My father used to call me on my mobile and that’s the only means that we communicate from time to time. My father never missed to talk to me without any single joke making each of my days. He made me realize that there is nothing more honorable than living through the righteous path, know how to pray and thank God in every blessings and inculcate us how obedience would be the greatest compensation a parent could receive from a child like us.

TATAY, Thank you for what I’ve become, a fully grown up woman whom you thought to appreciate what life brings, whether it’ll be bad or good, You thought me how to humbly embrace it. As your daughter, you made me realize how I am being valued and made me think that I am the most precious thing on earth you’ve ever seen. The world means a lot to me when you’re around, extra fun as the way you were, Enjoying much of the name-it-all comic tripping. I may have met a lot of man, I may marry a man in the future, but for me, you will always be the best man on earth! You’re the kind of father that any kid would wish for! I love you till forever ends! Let me end this by this question:  Should everyday be a Father’s day for everyone? How about you? Tell me something about your funny stories about your Father. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, near and far!

Author: Jules Domingo

I love writing and photo shooting. I'm also a diary addict.

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