After Got Talent was aired 31st of March and everyone witnessed Maverick not making it to the top 36, his supporters got upset and sounded so broken, the way I noticed it on their posts on his Facebook Fan page (https://www.facebook.com/Etwisters), I myself felt like I won’t see him again, never! 😦 While everyone was so woeful about PGT, our idol Maverick, on the other hand was just so calmly chilling spending time unwinding at Star City but was  able to manage taping a video for everyone expressing his heartwarming  thanks giving, with all his smiles, (featuring Akamaru: His ninja dog LOL) So then again, our dance floor sweet heart brightened up our day through this video. Please see:

Photo credits to: https://www.facebook.com/TFCEurope?fref=ts

Nevertheless, when PGT was aired on March 16, a lot was astounded on the performance that he did as he mixed a gay-like dance on his dance steps when everyone thought of him as a gay. I wanted to slap those people on their faces! Just kidding though, Haha! 😀 I would like to thank you all because for me it is a commendation as he was able to fake all of you! 😀 He is not a gay and will never transform to a gay! LOL I know for a  fact that he will be a terrific star someday, a bright shining star whom we will be looking up to, When everyone was mesmerized when he was performing, is a good sign, that he will indeed do mighty things to win his glorious triumphs somehow, someday. Please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7TsVgU9fBQ
So now here is my own story, after I was so fascinated on those candid feed backs from his followers, I thought of a set of questions and challenged him to answer it in our language as he needs to speak in Talagalog once he enters show business. I just sent this through chat as his schedule is so hard for me to rob some of it haha! Here is how he answered all my questions, verbatim: straight forward and precised.

How does it feel to be the most desirable man on the earth?
-Hindi ko po alam, ask him! Haha
Name one actor/actress you would love to get naughty with?
– I don’t want to be naughty with no one XD
Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?
– Opo! It’s so funny kasi!
What’s your favorite place to hang out?
– Every Mall haha!
What is your favorite daily wear attire?
– My Jordan Shoes!
If I come to your house and looked inside the closet, what would I find?
– Clothes, accessories, shoes.
Tell us something about your most recent activities, Bacao Festival, was it fun?
– Yes, was funny, I performed on a free concert and also Judge & Perform on Mutya ng Echague.
Thanks to Katrina Kiat!
How fun is it here in the Philippines so far?
– Well, I just need to say that : It’s more fun in the Philippines!
How would you like your fans look at you?
– With their real eyes, because some fans are blinded and they start to spread bad rumors
What do you think would people hate about you?
– I don’t know and I don’t mind!
What was your happiest experience here in the Philippines so far since you arrived?
– The TFCKat Journey and Star City!!

With Cris Bernardo of TFCKAT Dubai and Joy of TFCKAT HongkongPhoto credits to:https://www.facebook.com/TFCEurope?fref=ts
With Cris Bernardo of TFCKAT Dubai and Joy of TFCKAT Hongkong
Photo credits to:https://www.facebook.com/TFCEurope?fref=ts

See, he even had time to answer those questions despite his hectic schedule as he still have other activities and guestings after his time on PGT, terrific! Hence, what I am trying to express here is, even if he did not make it on PGT, I am still confident that he will make it in the show business industry, that was just his first TV appearance but obviously he was loved by his fans tremendously as I’ve seen some posts on his page that they wouldn’t be watching PGT anymore as Maverick was already out. And just look at his fan page on FB, people liking it is unstoppable! Extremely overwhelming indeed! I myself (acting as his Social Networking Assistant) was so captivated about those heart warming feed backs towards him. We really appreciated those feedback giving Maverick more confidence to make it to the top as he starts his career, as his humility towards people and his persistence is a plus in the long run. Like what Calvin Coolidge said, Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. Very inspiring quote indeed!

A screen shot of him when Ai Ai de las Alas (PGT host) was flirting with him haha!
A screen shot of him when Ai Ai de las Alas (PGT host) was flirting with him haha!

Please watch out on Maverick’s dancing videos though his 365 days training via his Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Etwisters More likes for those who haven’t please! Let us all support him on his journey as he will all make us proud E-Twisters! To Maverick, we will all support you all the way and will patronize you till the end. Louie, your talent manager, your family and close friends, your fans and I will always be here for you on your ups and downs. Remain humble and sweet as you are!

Author: Jules Domingo

I love writing and photo shooting. I'm also a diary addict.


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