Photo courtesy of sir Cris Sales

The 8th Philippines Blogging Summit was a two-day affair held at Malcolm Theater, Malcolm Hall UP Diliman Quezon City last May 25 and 26,2012 organized by Miss Janet Toral, there are about 300 participants who attended the said summit. Participants include bloggers and aspiring bloggers. Eight of us are from CVBSi [Cagayan Valley Bloggers Society] team.The first day was a bit silent for us from CVBSi but on the second day we were able to break our silence by grabbing the mic to participate in the Q & A portion and to plug our group too. Thanks all for the warm welcome.

My CVBSi team.

The blogger queen Ms Janet Toral with JR Quiambao πŸ˜‰
Photo courtesy of http://www.strifeofcloud.com

I felt so unfortunate on the first day for not winning anything but nevertheless I seem the luckiest creature on earth on the second day winning a gray iblog shirt. πŸ˜€

I won! I won! πŸ˜€

Mr. Marcelle Fabie (www.mistervader.com) was my favorite speaker because other than we share common interest on the subject matter, he was really impressive on his lecture being so enthusiastic which really caught everyone’s attention. He discussed “8 Approaches to Comedy Blog Writing” where I learned a lot about the best approach to have fun on photos but not in an offensive manner. Prior to this, I really planned about having a “Marc Logan” style of a blog. Everything went well except during the Q & A portion when I was urged to ask a question regarding some ethical concerns, I suddenly stuttered and renamed him to “Marcy”. I haveΒ  his right name scribbled on my notes though.Ridiculous! I was embarrassed so what I did was I approached sir Marcelle to apologize and fortunately my apology was accepted and was even a lucky one to have a photo with him. God Bless you more sir Marcelle!

My CVBSi family with sir Kel Fabie πŸ˜‰

I also met new friends from Pampanga who supported and embraced me over my humiliation. Thank you Red Lozano (http://fromtheheartofrhed.blogspot.com/) and Paige San Juan (www.fashionclothingforwomen.com)

With Paige San Juan of Pampanga πŸ˜‰

Sponsors include Unilab and Mcdonalds for the food and other items. They were a plus for making everything possible. This was indeed a great opportunity for me as a newbie in the blogging industry and what inculcated in my mind is, you will never run out of passion as long as you love what you are doing. Because of this I will not miss iblog9 and the upcoming iblog summits. To all my friends whom I met there, I’ll see you again!

Author: Jules Domingo

I love writing and photo shooting. I'm also a diary addict.

4 thoughts on “IBLOG8 SUMMIT 2012”

  1. Great Post Jules and It was nice meeting you and looking forward seeing you again, sa next event na siguro, just maybe. Yes it was fun and interesting diba.

    Wow at least you have the souvenir t-shirt, which we were hoping to get nga, maybe next time.

    And you have the souvenir pics from Marcy, i mean Marcelle diba. Basta ako I really did enjoy, it was worth the trip and the learning experience was really great!

    See you next time and God Bless!

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